Trekking in Maharashtra:

When it comes to having a surreal adventure to witness the sheer natural beauty with the feeling of adrenaline pumping through your veins, trekking is the first activity that comes to my mind. Maharashtra is the state that has a lot to offer for trekking enthusiasts because let's face it, not everybody can afford trekking in Himalayas. There are over two hundred forts in Maharashtra where people trek to enjoy and go back refreshed and re-energized to their workplace or studies.

Maharashtra has been blessed with several hill stations and rocky terrains and best suited for outdoor activities such as trekking, rock-climbing, valley crossing, water rappelling etc. Winter months are best to travel through the verdant green landscapes and go on trekking in Maharashtra in this most pleasing weather. Lately monsoons have also enchanted tourists to experience the magnificent waterfalls and lush greenery. Also, monsoon adds in quite an adventure to trek the forts in Maharashtra.

Some trekking trails advance through breathtaking vistas of the landscape, while others are sprinkled with remains of history. Regardless of whether it is for encountering that adrenaline surge, having a retreat in the lap of nature, shedding those additional kilos or to lose yourself in your thoughts, the reasons behind going trekking are numerous to excite any traveler. Sahyadri is known to be a trekker's paradise with green hills, dotted lakes and forests all around.

Salher Fort is the highest fort in Maharashtra which is about 5140ft high and located in Nashik district. There are many other exotic natural locations which can be counted as best places to trek in Maharashtra, Rajmachi Fort is one of the best places for trekking if you are a beginner.

So after a week of sitting behind the same old computer screens behind the glass doors, a trekking adventure is a best escape to break the monotony and cherish some unforgettable moments. From easy treks like Lohagad Fort to advanced levels like Alangad-Madangad-Kulangad, treks of different levels can be easily found in Maharashtra for a weekend retreat. You can engage in a trekking adventure by reading blogs on some of the most exciting places and tours for trekking in Maharashtra.

My Motive:

Trek Freak is a website built to make you aware about the different trekking and hiking destinations in India. Trekking is not just a sport, but a hobby for me. Here, in this website, I will share my experience on the various treks I have gone and will be going. Whilst doing this, I hope to encourage you to visit these places yourselves. I will also be providing details of the trek, the difficulties you might face when you go there and the solutions for the same. You will also find a pinch of history about the place so you know about the place you visit.